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Learning Jazz Violin Isn't Easy, but I'm Here To Help


I teach hundreds of beginner and advanced jazz violin students online every year.


 I use methods picked up from years of playing jazz professionally, interviewing different jazz violinists in my Jazz Violin Podcast and from my time studying  Jazz, Folk and Indian Classical music.

Beginners Class

It's a place for violinists who have just started out in their journey into playing jazz.

You get access to an ever growing library of my beginner jazz violin courses.

Each course is filled with hours of material and videos that take you through how to become a jazz musician.

On top of these stand alone courses (worth £50 each) you get access to

A beginners solo over a new standard every month

a monthly Q&A with me

the chance to send me a monthly video of your playing for feedback.

Joining the Beginners Class gives you...


  • video lessons

  • monthly Q&A

  • monthly Etude

  • PDFS

  • extras for all of my videos.


Jazz Violin Practise Club

Or check out my Jazz Violin Practise Club. A space for players that have been working on jazz for a while and want some regular weekly practise motivation and guidance on Zoom with me,

Joining the Practise Club gives you...


  • weekly guided practise session

  • monthly Q&A

  • monthly etude

  • PDFS and all other extras for all of my videos.

Who is it for?

Any violinists who are

  • looking to level up their jazz playing

  • needing inspiration and motivation to practise

  • always interested in new approaches to improvisation

  • hoping for regular guidance and help from an expert teacher

What do members have to say about it?

I have really been enjoying Matt Holborn’s jazz violin practice club. I love that I just
need to show up at the appointed time for 40 minutes of group practice.

 Matt is clear and patient, and he’s introduced met o new and interesting ideas

in improvisation.


I highly recommend Matt’s practice club If you want to up your jazz improvisation game.

Oh, and it’s a great value!

- Art Schatz, violin, Boston, Massachusetts

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