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Free E-book Downloads

Check out this simple short E-book all about jazz bowing.

Whilst Bowing in jazz is all about personal preference, I have a few exercises that can get any violinist kick started  with bowing in jazz. IT s all about trying to get a natural sounding swing feel and for moving away from playing like a classical violinist.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Check out the video below that goes along with it.

Ebook (1).png

I've got an exciting project in the works—a book specifically designed to help violinists dive into jazz language and create their own practice material.

Unlike classical violinists who have centuries of teaching methods and resources at their fingertips, us jazz players often face a shortage of such materials.


That's where this book comes in. It aims to provide violinists with solid jazz melody and language material, while also giving you the autonomy to engage your mind and ears. In the final book, you'll explore different ways to enhance and expand the major scale, applying your newfound knowledge in various exercises.

In this free excerpt, I've included a few essential "enclosures" (don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the term—you'll soon find out) and some engaging exercises that revolve around these enclosures.

Enjoy this sneak peek, and stay tuned for the full book release!

Cheers, Matt

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