I created these sessions during the Covid-19 UK lockdown as a way of connecting string instrumentalists who wanted practise motivation and some help with playing jazz.

The sessions are based on a new concept - we learn and practise together but we don't have the pressure of being heard by everyone in the session, everyone is muted apart from me the workshop leader. We can make mistakes and try things that are out-with our comfort zones without worrying about it!


This is a positive feature of learning in groups remotely in my opinion, I make sure everything we learn is based on playing along with me either repeating what I do or playing over my accompaniment.

We also get the chance to stay connected with other like minded musicians looking for a new way to practise and play music. These sessions are a perfect way to find that turning point from classical to improv.

Each weekly Practise Club consists of two sections.

Scales session

We start each session with 40mins of repetitive practise with my own scale exercises.
When we learn scales in our classical violin education, we often don't learn them in the same way as a jazz musician might. In these sessions we run scales and arpeggios in a way that starts to give us a deeper understanding of harmony plus how to utilise these scales for our improvisation.  Because we are all practising these exercises together, we always get to the end of what we are practising, its a sort of practise accountability!

Jazz repertoire

Straight after the scales on the same days I run more specific improv workshops, these follow on nicely from the scale sessions. We look at different swing tunes, break them down simply and find different ways to practise our improvisation in a methodic and relaxed way. Looking at harmony, timing, rhythm, reharmonisation and groove.

As each session is recorded for you, if you have to miss anything you can always catch up!

By becoming a patron you will get access to one session a week, a recording of each session via a Dropbox link plus chord charts and notes for the music we work on. You will also be invited to a private FB group where you can ask questions and stay connected with the group.


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