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This episode is sponsored by Ithaca Strings and Headway Audio. 


Ithaca Strings

Ithaca Strings IS Eric Aceto, a luthier, violinist and producer of the ISI dual pickup system. This system is by far the best and most honest sounding violin pickup system on the market right now! It blends an Electret microphone with a bridge pickup, both attaching to a stereo jack out under the chin rest. This means you get the solid sound of the pick up blended with the sweeter sound of the Electret mic without heavy cables attached to your instrument. Eric also makes amazing instruments and has made both pickups and violins for Jean Luc Ponty, Zach Brock, Matt Glaser and many other amazing musicians.


Headway Audio

Headway was founded in the UK in 2006 by John Littler, they make pickups and preamps for string instruments. Most famously they make 'The Band' pickup for violin, viola, cello and bass, which is a very reasonably priced pickup that wraps around the body of the instrument.

They make the amazing EDB2, an acoustic instrument preamp that can blend 2 channels of audio to a balanced output ready for the sound desk. This is perfect for blending a microphone and a pickup on the same instrument, as is needed with Eric Aceto's dual system. The EDB2 also has 5 band EQ, a notch filter and the ability to power each channel differently. Its an amazing piece of kit!

Christian Howes

Christian Howes is a jazz violinist, educator and composer. He runs Creative Strings, the non for profit organisation dedicated to teaching string players how to play music out-with the classical idiom. He runs regular summer camps across the world and had taught and mentored many amazing artists that are now making their own careers in the music industry, like our friend Jason Anick.


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