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Zach Brock is a jazz violinist, composer and general good guy. Zach could safely be placed in the contemporary jazz camp without raising too much suspicion, he very much has his own sound that could be and has been compared to Jean Luc Ponty, Zbigniew Seifert and John Coltrane. He plays with the Grammy Award wining supergroup Snarky Puppy and has played and recorded with such jazz luminaries as Stanley Clarke, Phil Markowitz, Eric Harland plus a long list of other amazing jazz musicians. We chatted over the internet, Zach is a lovley dude and we really enjoyed chatting with each other. I hope you enjoy listening.


The intro music is 'Tripping Step' from Ada Rovatti Brecker's album Disguise (featuring Zach on Violin obviously)


The outro music is 'Whisper Not' recorded by me and my band Latchepen

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