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Christiaan is the violinist for the Rosenberg Trio, he is based in Holland and he is an amazing player!

In my opinion, Christiaan is one of the leading exponents of the grappelli style, in particular the early Grappelli style. Christiaan has really found a way to emulate the way Stephane played when he was playing with Django, but  has done this whilst still keeping his own unique sound and style.

Christiaan is also a keen teacher, he has many intructional videos online and he can be found doing workshops and lessons at pretty much every Django festival around the world.

We chatted over skype and recorded our own audio so this episode has quite nice sound quality. We found ourselves covering a range of different topics surrounding jazz, learning music and improvising. This is a great interview to listen to if you are working on your jazz playing or looking for an approach to learning to improvise. Christiaan was the perfect interviewee and we had a lot of fun!


The  music at the start is Christiaans  ‘Sure Gamble’ featuring Stochelo Rosenberg from his album 'Times Up'


(The outro music is Benny Golsons 'Whisper Not' recorded by me and my band Latchepen)

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