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Free Workshop
11th November
"Playing The Blues"

Playing the Blues

Join us for a one-hour jazz violin workshop focused on mastering the Blues. This session is designed for jazz violinists who want to deepen their understanding of blues tonality and improve their improvisation skills within this genre.

What you'll gain from the workshop:

  • Improvisation Techniques: You'll practice improvising over blues progressions and learn how to create solos that capture the essence of the blues.

  • Chord Tone Workouts: Improve your ability to identify and play chord tones that are fundamental to blues music.

  • Understanding Blues Tonality: Explore the unique tonality of the blues to enhance the bluesy sound in your playing.

  • Learning Blues Phrases: We'll teach you key phrases that are essential for any blues violinist's repertoire.

Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for jazz violinists with some experience who are looking to improve their blues playing or those who want to integrate a stronger blues tonality into their performances.

What you should know before joining:​

  • You should be comfortable with basic violin techniques and have some experience with jazz.

  • You've attempted some form of improvisation before.

  • You're familiar with basic scales and how they're used in music.

  • You're open and willing to have fun and learn at the same time!

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An Example of my Teaching

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