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Learn to Draw

by Matt Holborn

Learn to Draw is the debut project by composer and violinist Matt Holborn. New music, breaking away from compositional norms but decorated subtly by improvised traditions from Europe, India and America.

Not sitting easily within any single word, more like an acoustic image created by musicians with roots in jazz and folk.


Violin melodies straight from the heart with both reserved subtlety and jagged edges of rhythm and sound. Set to the inspired sonics of Domenico Angarano (bass), Joost Hendrickx (drums) and Kourosh Kanani-(guitar).

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1. "Here" suite-Pauls Round 05:37

2. " Here" suite-East through Fields 08:07

3. "Here" suite-Gates 07:07

3. "Here" suite-Voices 06:43

5. Learn to Draw (featuring J.A.M collective) 06:30

6. This Be The Verse 08:27

7. For Steve 03:38

Recorded at Lightship95 Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Dave Holmes

Video by Tom Sankey

"Here" was commissioned by Hull Jazz Festival to celebrate the city, its culture and its sense of place.

"For Steve" is dedicated to the memory of Steve Aston (1978-2019).

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